Self-Care Sunday: Music for the Ride

This week I am housesitting for a writer friend outside of the city. Every room in her house is painted a different color. The living room is bright yellow and has a sound system that begs for a one-woman dance party. I’m sure her cats think I’m crazy (or a great dancer, or both).

Here are the last three albums I have listened all the way through. Chances are I’ll be singing these songs on my 20-mi round trip bike rides to work. Last summer while touring along the Mississippi River Trail I got in the habit of singing myself through long afternoons in the saddle. No one is there to tell me to stop. I love that.

1) Arielle Vakni, Facets & Resonance. I discovered the work of this JP resident and recent Berklee graduate while accidentally biking through Jamaica Plain’s Porchfest earlier in the summer. Her songs are the color and texture of a long summer afternoon. Take a listen and share her stuff––it needs to be heard.

2) Joni Mitchell, BlueDo I need a reason? Poetry incarnate. A friend recently called Blue one of the best albums of all time. It leaves you off at a different stop than where you started. I love art that takes me from one place to another. Movement in music. I could listen to Blue several times through.

3) Fleetwood Mac, Rumors. These are the songs of my mom’s generation. “Go Your Own Way” was on a mix tape we listened to on rides around my hometown back in the day when she drove a white 1990 Acura Integra, the kind with seat belt buckles that slid up and down the side of the *hand-crank* windows. I loved that car.

What music do you love to listen to on the road?


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