The light leans on the tall office buildings, golden and free.

I am in downtown San Francisco just after 5pm on a Friday in October, wearing a cardboard sign around my neck that says “tell me a story about water.”

A guy in a red tie and black suit stops me in the middle of an intersection. “I have a story about water! I have a story about water!”

We weave our way out of the crosswalk and sit together under an awning.

“I have a rare form of vasculitis and had to have my colon removed,” he begins, looking at me straight on. He takes a deep breath and surges into his story.

“The colon, in addition to being a place for waste, is where most of the water in the body is absorbed,” he inhales sharply, “so it is extremely important that I have access to drinking water at all times––” The businessman makes an exaggerated fainting gesture with the back of his palm over his forehead, “­­––otherwise I’m flat as a pancake.”

His eyes widen.

“So, in conclusion,” he continues, professional and animated, “water is important for all people, including people with disabilities.”


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