A Note from Raglan, NZ


Two days of cycling, four audio recordings, and 106km in––I think I’m in love with this NZ coastline. Even the hills.

Especially the hills.

There are more stories than I can share just now, but I’m making myself write 500-1000 words before bed each night so that I don’t forget what happens. Human kindness is real. Bodysurfing is a joy. Hills become more manageable when you discover a cycling buddy at the top of one. Ginger-infused honey is the energy nectar of the gods. Saddle sores. Cows. Trail mix. More cows. Inadvertent story-collecting when I run out of water and have to stop at a farmer’s house to ask. Art festivals. Pizza. Beer. More pizza. Crystalized sweat on my face. Picnics at sunset.

New Zealand. New Zealand. New Zealand. You’re stunning.



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