Auckland to Taranaki


I rode my bicycle from Auckland to the Climate Justice Taranaki meet up at Marae Muru Raupatu, Aotearoa. My head and heart are full from a weekend of listening and learning about environmental justice struggles against the expansion of the oil and gas industry in New Zealand–layers of stories, at least a century and a half thick. Today is an audio editing day.

Wellington, I am very slowly coming your way!


Here are some photos from the ride:

I took the train from Auckland to Pukekohe and started riding south.


Big sky, big hills.



This is dairy country. I made friends with cows. Sort of.


Raglan, NZ. I was taken in by a peripatetic couple with a camper van and learned how to jump under big waves.



My last big bike trip was from Memphis, TN to Venice, LA following the Mississippi River Trail. I’m definitely not in the Mississippi Delta anymore.



Hey, hill. You’re cute. I like hills.


At the bottom of Mt. Messinger. Yes, I climbed it (fueled by the cheering of many trucks). The honesty of NZ road signs is refreshing.


Blissed out biker face.








Sunset behind Mt. Taranaki.






Wisdom found on an abandoned beach chair in Marakopa, population 16.



Jandals + Marmite + biking = strength. Well, I’m not that big of a fan of Marmite. But I’m working on it.



Solo female biker power, the selfie. Climbing hills makes me feel alive.



Tunnel to the beach at Waikawau, the most amazing acoustic space.




Worn by water––the enormity of geologic time.










I am most in my element moving slowly on two wheels, gathering stories––listening and writing. Words fuel me. I can’t wait to see what the next week brings.


3 thoughts on “Auckland to Taranaki

    • I’m pinching myself that this is February––chasing the summer in both hemispheres! Get out and enjoy some Connecticut snow for me, ok? I’ll promise to soak up lots of sun down here. xx

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