A Big Thank You

… to Doug Rennie at The Bike Shed for tuning up my Surly Disc Trucker. It rides like butter, and I can once again use the granniest of the granny gears––huzzah!

bikeshop3I should really get around to learning all the names for the bits and pieces on my bike.

Right now I ride by feel.


ready to zoom (and by zoom I mean purposefully wander at a slow pace, because I’m not all about speed you see)


Doug hooked me up with a new bike lock, too, because I managed to lose mine. And then find it. And then lose it again. Doug, you are a light.

Thank you.



Thank you to the incomparable Carla Donson of Women’s Network Whanganui for giving me the courage to ask for help when I need it,

and for letting me hang out with Priscilla for a few days.

priscilla I taught Priscila how to grate carrots real speedy-like and with love.


This plaid shirt was given to me by the Vermont-based poet Cora Brooks. She is 80-something years old. A few years ago Cora taught me how to make bread. More on that story later. Wearing Cora’s shirt feels like a hug. Thanks, Cora. 


… and thank you also to Carla for introducing me to Whanganui-based artist Fleur Wickes.

couragefriendlionFleur is doing some beautiful work at the intersection between poetry and storytelling in the form of posters, to be released all over cities in New Zealand over the course of the coming weeks.



On a completely different note, this image speaks to me on a profoundly deep and personal level.

honydancingDancing is weird AND it’s fun.

So thank you to Brandon Stanton at Humans of New York for speaking to my soul and making me laugh.

Here’s to poetry and storytelling and spontaneity and art and movement and new friends.

Thank you thank you thank you.



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