Collaboration with Lock The Gate Aotearoa

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 1.57.15 PM

Earlier this month I had the chance to attend a weekend-long conference, Taranaki’s Beauty and the Beast – Community issues with Fossil Fuels and Climate Change, at Marae Muru Raupatu. The event was organized by ECO, Climate Justice Taranaki and Sustainable Whanganui Trust.

Saturday’s program included an environmental justice tour of northern Taranaki to learn first-hand from residents what it’s like to live amidst oil and gas fields.


I recorded a story from a local farmer (complete with cows mooing in the background––we were standing in front of a paddock) and edited it into this version, now live at Lock the Gate Aotearoa. Click here & scroll to the bottom of the page to give it a listen.

When I get back to the states, my plan is to edit the audio files I have recorded (215+ stories to date) and create a map on a website where a visitor can click on a point and listen to a story told from that place.

I’m currently researching grants that will make such a website platform possible.

Bird by bird.


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