Call for dancers / choreographers / folks who write about dancing


Hi beautiful people, this year I am traveling the world (mostly by bicycle) with an audio recorder in hand, collecting stories from people I meet about water and climate change.


When I was doing this project in San Francisco a few months ago, I went along with a friend to my first modern dance class. I studied ballet for thirteen years before I turned to sports (ice hockey, rowing, and most recently, long-distance solo cycle touring).

After the modern class I had an aha! moment––a vision of a performance where a group of dancers embody an edited track of the water/climate change stories that I have been collecting on this trip. More on that story here:

(I’m struggling with how to word it best, because the idea for this performance still seems fuzzier than words. I hope that this makes some kind of sense. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.)

I’m reaching out to as many folks as possible––geography is not a limiting factor. Do you know of dance groups/ choreographers who would be interested in this kind of project?

If so, please get in touch, either in the comments here or via

It’s a far-off kind of proposal, but I like to dream big.



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