Interview with Nights at Radio New Zealand

Cycling Story Collector

Originally aired on Nights, Monday 2 March 2015

Devi Lockwood

A poet, touring cyclist, storyteller and Harvard graduate, Devi Lockwood in riding through the Pacific, here in New Zealand and then from Istanbul to London, collecting stories about water and climate change.

She tells Bryan Crump tales from her journey.


“CYCLING STORY COLLECTOR”––that’s me! Last night I talked for 20 minutes on Radio NZ National with Bryan Crump. You can give it a listen here:


I quoted The Indigo Girls. I gave a shout out to my roots: Quapaw Canoe Company and John Ruskey, Marc Taylor (so proud of you for that recycling program!), the Brent family (Bronwynne Brent, Eden Brent, give a hug to Jessica & everyone for me, ok?).

I read a poem from the Mississippi River Trail (inspired by Rebecca Taylor Lewis‘ family — love and light to you!).

Montsalvat, thanks for having faith in the next step in this project.

There were about a million other stories I wanted to tell, but then the interview ended.

Nights on Radio New Zealand National, you all are wonderful. Thanks for the green tea and the conversation.

I love public radio.


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