WELL, today I wandered into a library in Westport. Libraries are safe spaces.

After a barefoot ‪#‎solofemaletouringcyclist‬ lunch picnic outside, I used the wifi there to submit a manuscript I have been working on, POINT OF ORIGIN, to a poetry contest. Eep. This makes me nervous, but I am walking head first into the scary things.


And in the library, I met the lovely Texan John Pinney, who told me a ‪#‎water‬ story about a squirrel overboard in the Boston Harbor.

John has sailed from Boston to New Zealand. Holy smokes.

(In Boston he worked on the Roseway and the Schooner Liberty Clipper). John has been teaching me a bit about wind patterns:

The wind is a beautiful thing.

And then Vanessa Sonnenfroh introduced us both to the Alternative World Sailing Community.

I’m about an inch away from committing not to take airplanes for the rest of this trip. Chris Watson’s book Beyond Flying is making me reconsider my carbon footprint.

I feel like a bower bird, gathering.



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