A Kickstarter Campaign to Get Devi (Flight-Free!) Across the Tasman Sea


I launched a Kickstarter campaign today.

I have 30 days to raise $$ so that I can cross the Tasman Sea aboard the ANL BINDAREE, a cargo ship.

I want to write you #poems and send hand-written #mail to your mailbox.

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 12.48.27 AM

…more on the Kickstarter page itself––there’s lots of little nuggets there at all price points that I hope you’ll enjoy.


I’m taking a BIG risk here––committing to not flying while I work on this project to collect 1001 stories about water and climate change around the world. And I’m nervous about it.

Travel culture is not built to accommodate people like me. It’s about 1000x easier to log on to the internet and book a flight than it is to figure out passage aboard a cargo ship or sailboat.

Flights don’t have a fuel tax. The cost of a flight doesn’t accurately reflect the burden that those carbon emissions place on the planet. And that’s just the tip of the proverbial melting iceberg.

I want to set an example.

for climate activists
for all of us
for the future.

I have decided to give up flying because it is the single worst thing that I am doing for the planet.

“Only 5 per cent of the world’s population has ever flown. Flying is still a rich person’s pastime. Poor people in poor countries don’t do it. Yet these are the very communities that will be hit first, and most acutely, by climate change.” – John Stewart, in Beyond Flying (Green Books, 2014)

Climate change is an ‪#‎environmentaljustice‬ issue, and I am doing my best to take a stand.

I am nervous that as a woman pursuing her dreams, I will be targeted for my beliefs.

But I am not afraid of that.

I just bicycled over Arthur’s Pass in the South Island of New Zealand, 920m in the air, despite the fact that many folks along the way told me that it would be too steep to pedal up.

Looking at some of those hills, I’ll tell you––I was nervous. Heart-pounding nervous. The shoulder was narrow and my legs wanted to stop.

But I don’t let fear rule me. I look at fear––of climate change, of all the shit that could happen to me for being a woman––and I continue moving.

Because movement is the language I come from. And the only way I know to get around an obstacle is to keep on creating. To let the movement of my body guide the movement of my mind.

Please, if you deny the science behind climate change, know that I want to hear from you, too. All stories matter. If we meet, I want to hear your voice.

… but not in a way that attacks me personally or attacks my work. The internet can be a difficult place to be a woman. Let’s all work on changing that culture, okay?

Thank you!

Please share this post and contribute if you can.

Here’s to poetry and storytelling and cycling and activism and doing the things that scare us.



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