Walks to Sky and Rocks and Ice

Hi beautiful people,

Greetings from bike camp.


I have been away from the internet for a week (and loved the impromptu break).

There’s a total lunar eclipse tonight in Twizel, my first. I’m popping out every few minutes, cup of tea in hand, to see bunches of the moon eaten by the great cookie monster in the sky.

It’s gone! Well, not quite yet.

Rumor has it the whole thing’s going to go red in an hour or so. This magic.

Have I mentioned that the universe is a beautiful thing?

This afternoon I cycled into Twizel, not knowing where I would spend the night––I had planned to crash with two salmon fish farm workers who I met a few days ago at the canal, but got a text message just as I rolled into town that one of my friends was sick and couldn’t have me over. I hope she heals soon!

Trying to keep up my spirits, I popped down in front of the FourSquare with a carrot and a tub of hummus.

Fifteen minutes later I was adopted by a high school english teacher and his kindergarten teacher wife. They have two kids and a MASSIVE swing set out back (oh, be still, my heart) and an unparalleled view of the sky. The English teacher has set me up with a CD full of kiwi poets reading their poems and the kindergarten teacher plopped her collection of H.M. Hoover books on the table next to me to read before bed.

Have I mentioned that the universe is a beautiful thing?

Today I cycled south from Aoraki Mt. Cook National Park. It’s a tourist town, dramatic in every sense of the word. I was glad to get out of the centre of everything for an overnight hike to Ball Hut.


These photos are from that side trip––a welcome break from the bike. At sunrise I scrambled up a rock scree with a new Israeli friend to see Ball Glacier up close.



The sound the ice makes when it melts. I’m chasing that.


(chase not being quite the right word, as I move slowly, mostly by the power of my own body, and that is good)


(the strength of the glacier,
is sometimes in its noise
and sometimes in its silence)

Thank you all for being a part of this trip, and for being you. You’re beautiful. You’re vast like the sky. I just want to say that.


The moon is a small sliver now. I’m topping up my teacup and going to go for a swing on that swingset. Maybe in the opposite order.

here’s to you, here’s to the sky~

Keep on keepin’ on.



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