I’m Rough and I’m Tough

… and I made it to Bluff!


Seven months ago today I started this journey to collect stories around the world about #water and #climate change in New York City at the People’s Climate March.

Turns out that’s 15,008 km away.

Holy guacamole. bluff2Where to next?

Oh, right––

to loop back up to Auckland (with some necessary bus trip / hitching legs, to make it there in time), hop on a cargo ship headed for Melbourne the second week of May (thank you to everyone who pitched in on the kickstarter page to make this possible… only 70 hours left, woot!), and then AND THEN, to Montsalvat for two whole months of writing.

I’m cooking up all sorts of ideas for this residency in Australia and can’t wait to put them into motion.

(In a completely unrelated vein, here’s Emily Saliers of the Indigo Girls with a kangaroo. The Indigo Girls blog is pretty darn awesome. And there’s a new IG album coming out on June 2! Eeee!)

It’s #whirlwindtime

… which means time to dance.


2 thoughts on “I’m Rough and I’m Tough

  1. Congrats on your success thus far, Devi! I’m deeply looking forward to hearing the interviews and reading any writing you deem share-worthy down the road. A little inspiration for when you have time. Maj was my poetry professor 20 years ago & he still teaches at Kent. Enjoy and to quote Maj, “May you find a life rough enough to sharpen yourself against” on your journeys. https://vimeo.com/114242162

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