Commit Random Acts of Dance


Hey world,

Happy International Dance Day​!

I was planning on cycling north from Wellington (gotta catch that cargo ship up in Auckland, eep!), but my lovely friend Charlotte convinced me to stick around for a day of dance classes taught by local teachers at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa.

I learned some intro capoeira, grooved along with a hundred or so others to a complex 20-second stint of hip hop choreography taught by the inimitable Braedyn Humphries, and rekindled my passion for both leading and following in salsa. Gender roles, go home!


Dance brings out joy.

After the event, Charlotte and I boogied our way along the harbor, re-enacting our 20 seconds of hip hop choreography to the tune of street musicians, and then again in the middle of a crosswalk, just because we could.

Three folks told me water / climate change stories along the way, too! I listened to a man who thoroughly doesn’t trust climate scientists, a seven-year-old who told me that one day the ocean was sucked dry, and then a big elephant came back to make the rain fall again, and a lovely woman on her way to perform improv who told me about her summers on the water growing up.

The current count: 310 recorded stories. My goal is 1001.

I took out my sharpie, because, well, because because. Because there was a particularly greenish stretch of wall that needed a voice. And then this happened:

commit random acts of #dance

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Commit random acts of dance. I dare you. A tiny dance celebration is pretty much guaranteed to make your day better.


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