Cycling as Active Listening

I scribbled this brief meditation on why I do what I do halfway up a mountain pass during a 100km ride from Agnes Water to the Boyne Valley. I love hills. They reset my legs and my head and my heart.


the flat bit before the long gravel climb

I see cycle touring as a form of active listening––listening to myself and the world around me.


Do I feel safe? If not, I move on. When I am hungry, I stop and eat. When I am thirsty, I take a sip of water. I’ve grown to know when my period is coming based on the phase of the moon.


churning waters at Rainbow Beach, QLD, Australia. My travel motto? Go with the flow. 

And collecting stories––where do I even begin?

The bicycle is a tool for connection. A conversation starter. A form of movement I love that can take me across borders of nation and gender and class and age.


(I am me. I can never be anyone else but me. I am a white middle class almost 23-year-old cis woman from America. There’s no taking that away. But in listening I give the whole of myself––my ears, my heart––to a storyteller.)


On the bike, I become fluid.

I am in my element. I am free.



2 thoughts on “Cycling as Active Listening

  1. Great to see Rainbow Beach included on your journey. I’ve visited that place countless times since I was a little kid (a very long time ago). Hoping to be there again soon, and maybe see some migrating humpback whales. Best wishes for your travels.

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