What does activism mean to you?

“Activism is the rent I pay for living on the planet.” — Alice Walker


It doesn’t always have to look like signs in the streets. I choose to listen,
to march in solidarity when the time is right,
but everyday––to listen,
to listen and to love the stories for what they are:
the way we form our identity in real time.


What does activism mean to you?


4 thoughts on “What does activism mean to you?

  1. To live with integrity and make decisions ethically. For example, I am a transgender man. I don’t attend Pride marches or public demonstrations. But I am an activist because I am out with everyone in my life and am conscious of how my behaviour and speech affects their impression of all transgender people. If I behave with integrity then they will say “I know a transgender guy and he’s a good bloke. We should allow him XYZ rights that we have.” I believe the same goes for all topics … Activism is more than one-off demonstrations and protests. It’s about living the walk every day. Kinda like your bike ride.
    You’re not shouting out about water but actually going about discussing it as a lived experience in a quiet but public way

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