Mer-Cyclist Update from Fitzroy Island

This sea-goddess in training puked three times in the first 12 hours. Bumpy seas. I felt like a deflated vegetable.

Praise Poseidon & Sedna — my stomach has since settled. We caught and ate a big fish. I’m learning the art of surrendering to motion. My crew member Jenny Haldiman was outstanding and stroked my head until I fell asleep.


the horizon line is an accurate representation of how bumpy the ocean is. wheeeeee! 

Everything is brand new.

Babe the guitar is a life saver.

Early morning swims make me feel so so alive.

I’m now well enough to have a job: CHIEF DISH WASHER / SOUX GALLEY WENCH. Bada boom. I love being useful.

Big love,

p.s. If you like my work and want to keep me going, please hop on over to to pop a tip in the proverbial jar. Big love!


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