Beekeeping is Where It’s At

Not gonna lie, this out-of-the-blue email from Kaat Byrd made my day:

“Hi Devi!

Hello from New York, USA! Can I just say that I think what you are doing is AWESOME-SAUCE!!? I’m a 21 year old traveling beekeeper myself, I’ve been chasing after bees and their keepers the past three years. I’ve been mostly hitch-hiking, using rideshares, buses, trains, and what not. Now I’m trying out the bike touring thing, I’ve got the bike nearly ready and I’m hoping to head south in a week or so (once i figure out where my 40lb pup goes)! I really love how independent the bike makes you.

I’ve been lurking on your blog for a while now and am so excited for you, hopping cargo ships and really getting around without airplanes! I would love to do the same. I just may have to strap a cardboard sign behind my bike that says “Tell me a story about bees”…

I’m excited and rambling. Keep on being the superstar that you are! You are an inspiration and here’s a virtual *high-five* for you!




Everyone go pop on over to Kaat’s blog ( and show her a little love.

Here’s to the traveling sisterhood of women
doing bad-ass, environmentally aware things.

Kaat, I’m so glad that you reached out!


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