It Doesn’t Ever Get Easier

… to leave the people I love.

You’d think that after this many goodbyes (I have been traveling continuously for a year and two months now) I would be a pro at it.


People make a place for me.

This song by Ben Harper makes it a bit easier:

… which reminds me of a song I learned in Spanish class in 2007:

“Algo se muere en la alma / cuando un amigo se va.”

And, of course, I always write thank you notes to the people who take me in:


There’s a very incomplete catalog of thank you notes I have written over at It’s an ongoing project, an archive of sorts of all the people who have taken me in–– check it out.


strong as ever––

loving and leaving

people and places

and being okay with that.

Movement is the place I come from.


Dunedin: thank you for your music, your stories, your walks into green. Being at sea for a month, I had almost forgotten what spring smells like.

Blessings be on thunder thighs. I love mine. They let me climb hills.

Yellow shirt courtesy of an op shop find by one of my favorite Kiwi families.

A special shout-out to Hannah, who met me at the cargo ship at Port Chalmers on October 31, cycled with me back to her house in Dunedin, and then dressed me up AS A PRAWN to go out to several Halloween parties. My inner 8-year-old was delighted. A sea creature costume… how apt! No photos exist as evidence. You’ll have to go on my word that I was ~temporarily transformed~ into a large, orange prawn, complete with antennae.

Next Halloween I would love to go as THUNDER THIGHS, the superhero I wish I had as a child.

Batman Forever,
Devi on Wheels


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