Happy Holidays!


Beautiful people of the Internet,

Sending big love your way from a river town in New Zealand where I am hunkered down for a few months to work on writing a book proposal.

It’s slow going and there are lots of little projects to get out of the way before the nitty gritty book proposal production happens HOWEVER — I am in good company.

I’m housesitting for an ex-Buddhist nun and her petulant cat, Dostoyevsky. I’m blasting Amy Winehouse’s album Frank. It’s the time of night when the sky turns indigo. I’m getting back into the swing of rowing and have been invited to race early on in January. I’m going to spend xmas with one of my favorite families on this island. Strawberries are in season and I’m eating them by the handful. I celebrated the solstice in the company of friends. I ate carrot cake in the shape of the sun. I chased kids around a paddock. The sky was sherbet. My hair smells like woodsmoke.

This time six months ago I welcomed the shortest day of the year in Australia. I gave my friend an asymmetrical haircut, communed with some sassy chickens, rode a penny farthing, learned how to drive a stick shift, and drove this here fine manual truck over a mountain, through lots of muddy puddles, OVER A TREE, and to a waterfall.


I stalled my parents’ car so many times when I was learning to drive a stick that I thought this day would never come!

Australian mud is red & good.

Safe to say: that winter solstice was one of the butchest days of my life, and also pretty darn wonderful.


solstice sunset in Canberra, Australia — June 2015

This time last year I was in Tuvalu, finding the groove of living on a small island, and about to celebrate a very Tuvaluan Christmas.


Tuvalu Blue (Funafuti) — December 2014 

In other news:

I have an article that TERRIFIES ME TO SHARE (embrace the vulnerability, yep) coming out between xmas and new years,

— you guys you guys it’s for Buzzfeed! More on that soon —

… plus a photo feature on the way for a digital mag. Ohhhhhhgoodness get to work Devi, there are deadlines to meet!

So many things make my heart sing.

Merry, merry.

This has been the year of the bike.

Hugs to you and yours.


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