Tui in Whanganui

The bird life in this hemisphere is outstanding. Here’s a tui singing at sunset above the Whanganui River.

Whanganui, New Zealand
December 2015

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Also also…!

I have a piece about a water story from Nukuloa-Gau, Fiji, coming out in print & online with No More Potlucks on New Year’s Day. I’m looking forward to sharing that audio recording & story with you all.

P.S. Someone on FB commented on the video above that they would “love to hear the bird minus the road sounds.”

To which I replied: “We live in a world where birds and cars coexist. The beautiful thing I find about recording sound is that it’s all there, even the messy / ugly bits. Recording gives me permission to listen more carefully. I can’t manufacture sounds. I listen. Birds are notoriously difficult to record — it was lucky that this one was so close to my friend’s balcony.”

If you want to hear *just* birds, though, this website is a great resource for native bird songs in New Zealand: 

DKL, over and out.



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