Here is a catalog of the posts on this blog, organized roughly by location.


paper scrolls in the Whanganui Resource Recovery Center, New Zealand


How Do You Say Goodbye to a City?

Self-Care Sunday: Music for the Ride

What Does it Mean to be Alone?

Self-Care Sunday: My Body, My Story

“If you say a word often enough, it becomes you.” 

The Water Playlist

On Balance

Open Call for Stories: People’s Climate March, September 19-21

I’m Marching for Stories

Movement is the Language I Come From

Climate Change at Kroger Grocery Store

Any Excuse to Celebrate


Mickey Mouse & Elmo on Climate Change

Yes, I Can Write

Burritos, Chaos, and Round Windows



Ferguson October

Storytelling and Community 


The Midwife of Death 

Release (and Dreams of a Performance)

A Travel Poem I Love

Margaret Atwood on Climate Change

Happy Birthday, Mom! 

Happy Birthday, Dad!


Two Rain Poems (one by me and one by Mary Oliver)

Massages and Flowers




Mango Season 


Many Worlds 

Purple is for Mourning 


Two Tongues 


Christmas Island

Guest Piece at Curve Magazine 


Water Conservation 

Tuvalu Blue 

Gratitude (and Queen and Rumi)

No Translation 

Language Moments 

In Tuvalu 

A Very Tuvaluan Christmas 

Dancing While Female

New Zealand

2015: The Year of the Bike 

Thoughts from my First Two Days in New Zealand 

A Note from Raglan, NZ 

Māori Creation Myth 

Auckland to Taranaki 

Howdy Ya’ll

“Something Beautiful I Found It Here”

Folklore in Action


Collaboration with Lock The Gate Aotearoa

Straight Up Grooving

An Excerpt from this Poem Beast I Have Been Working On

A Big Thank You

I love reading other people’s bookshelves

Moving Slowly

#Biker on a #Boat

Taking Ownership of Who I Am



Arthur’s Pass

I’m Here for Your Stories

A Kickstarter Campaign to Get Devi (Flight-Free!) Across the Tasman Sea

Kickstarter Update — Funds from this point will be donated to the Vanuatu Red Cross

Article in the Greymouth Star

Walks to Sky and Rocks and Ice

I’m Rough and I’m Tough

Interview Coming Up Today with Otago Access Radio

Podcast of Interview with Otago Access Radio

Cargo Ship Update

Adelie Penguins on my Mind

Ethnographic Fiction

Commit Random Acts of Dance

My Least Favorite Question

It’s Cargo Ship Time


Mail, Kickstarter Update, and More Mail!

A Biggest Thanks: The Kickstarter Version

Crossing the Tasman Sea Aboard a Cargo Ship

Montsalvat Update #1: Peace and Quiet and Peacocks

Montsalvat Update #2: I’m Revising Things!

Two Peas in a Pod

WANTED: Cycling Buddy for Adelaide to Darwin, mid-July 2015

Road Update: Rainbow Sprinkles

Slow Travel, Mate

Falling & Getting Up Again

Some Stories Rush Through Me Like Rising Water

Gratitude, Ya’ll

Listening is my Jam

For the Love of Water


Cycling as Active Listening

Viva la Vida

Big Coal

Coal Dust

Seeking a Boat to Indonesia


Interview with Youth Voices USA: Millenials Who Do Cool Sh*t

Interview with Anne Neely, the painter behind “Water Stories”

Interview with Journalist Kat Friedrich

Interview with Writer Laura Kiesel

Interview with Story Collector Monica Niki Elenbaas

Interview with Writer and Touring Cyclist Maya Stein

Interview with Poet Laura Farina 

Interview with Musician Sarah Quintana

Mutual Interview: Devi Lockwood and Kate Schapira 

Interview with Percussionist Reynaliz Herrera 

Interview with Erica Plouffe Lazure 

Interview with Sharon Creech 

Interview with Artist Sue Cooke

Interview with Cycling Advocates Jean Chong and Jack Becker

Guest Posts / Linked Content / Ideas that are Bigger than Nations

The Half Empty Bookshelf, Guest Post by Amy Gigi Alexander

One Bike, One Year on Word Riot’s Recommended Reading List  

Call for dancers / choreographers / folks who write about dancing

Exciting Things Are Afoot

Guest Post at Harvard Heat Week Blog

Happy Birthday, Cardboard Sign! 

Earth Day Guest Post on Carolyn Studer’s Blog: 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion

What’s the Point of Shaving Legs Anyway?

Sarah Quintana’s Album “Miss River”

Guest Column at the Whanganui Chronicle

Syria, Water, & Climate Change

Q&A Series

Q&A: Saddle Sores

Q&A: Lean In To What You Love 

Q&A: Tips for a Traveler: Blogging and Life on the Road

Q&A: for the #solofemaletouringcyclist

Q&A: Inner Monologues & Fear

Q&A: Gear & Packing List for the Long-Term Traveler


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