Women’s March on London + audio


On January 21, 100,000 people took to the streets in London to protest Trump’s inauguration, marching from the U.S. Embassy to Trafalgar Square.

I tagged along with my audio recorder, and recorded interviews with 18 activists who attended the march.

This turned into two reported pieces, one for Cosmopolitan UKand the other for The GroundTruth Project.

You can read both here:



Here’s a small sample:

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 5.57.07 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 5.50.57 PM.png


Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 5.55.01 PM.png

And if you’ve ever found yourself thinking: Devi makes audio recordings — why hasn’t she shared many of them with the world?


The GroundTruth Project created a playlist of my recorded interviews. You can listen to the recordings on SoundCloud here: https://soundcloud.com/groundtruth/sets/voices-from-londons-womens

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 5.48.24 PM.png

In love and resistance,


Tui in Whanganui

The bird life in this hemisphere is outstanding. Here’s a tui singing at sunset above the Whanganui River.

Whanganui, New Zealand
December 2015

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Also also…!

I have a piece about a water story from Nukuloa-Gau, Fiji, coming out in print & online with No More Potlucks on New Year’s Day. I’m looking forward to sharing that audio recording & story with you all.

P.S. Someone on FB commented on the video above that they would “love to hear the bird minus the road sounds.”

To which I replied: “We live in a world where birds and cars coexist. The beautiful thing I find about recording sound is that it’s all there, even the messy / ugly bits. Recording gives me permission to listen more carefully. I can’t manufacture sounds. I listen. Birds are notoriously difficult to record — it was lucky that this one was so close to my friend’s balcony.”

If you want to hear *just* birds, though, this website is a great resource for native bird songs in New Zealand:


DKL, over and out.