Our Digital Lives

On digital lives, photographs, and “the human necessity of leaving some things untagged and undeclared” — 

Sometimes I think I am afraid of forgetting.
I record voices (always with consent). I journal daily.
I have found myself in the act of creating an archive.
But then I read a piece like this that upends me

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 7.57.41 PM

“To make intimacy public is often to render it less intimate.”
I hope to always respect the stories that I record.
I shy away from taking photos, sometimes,
because their afterlife scares me. It’s a delicate balance.

How much of my own story do I let infuse
the stories I am recording about water and climate change?
What can I tell you that will let you know
just enough about me to keep you interested,

but also little enough that I can keep my life to myself,
that I can live and love and be, without outside eyes
to perform for? Who am I to decide what stays and what goes,
what becomes part of the archive, and what is forgotten?