Unfolding Here: advice from people on the road

Greetings from DesMoines, Iowa!


For the last few days I have been driving across the country with Caroline Catlin.

We’re collecting handwritten pieces of advice from people we meet along the way, because why not?!

unfoldinghere1unfoldinghere2unfoldinghere4You can read more of that advice here and follow along on Instagram.

This mini-project is unfolding into beautiful, face-to-face interconnectivity on the move. I’m grateful for this time to stop and reflect.. and to catch up on episodes of On Being.

In San Francisco I’ll be attending a meet-up of climate activists going to Morocco this November as part of the youth delegation with SustainUS. Then it’s back to the northeast for a few months of coaching rowing at Phillips Exeter before packing up the bicycle and flying to Marrakech.

What piece of advice would you give to your past, present, or future self?


I love reading other people’s bookshelves

… because you find magic like this:

“You can relieve yourself of all responsibility for being anything but what you are at the present moment. Once you actually see this truth, and rest in it, you will take the deepest breath of relaxation you have ever taken.”

– Vernon Howard (1964)



I could spend a month reading through Lindy’s bookshelf. I really could.