Making a Stamp to Replace a Business Card

Some months ago I ran out of business cards.

I loved the old design (the very talented Abby Sun helped to put it together) but it was most definitely time for something new. So…


I made a stamp! It’s much cheaper, lighter, and more eco friendly. Huzzah!


This stamp a bit smaller than what I was expecting, but still lovely. My inner 3-yr-old is delighted.


my hand for scale

I can’t claim credit for the idea — a storyteller at a farmer’s market in Dunedin suggested it to me after I gave her one of my last business cards in November.

Last week I contacted the Wellington Rubber Stamp Company with my design and ink color. It was ready within a few days. The logo design was generously done by Max O’Brien (for the new website coming soon!). The contact details are in my handwriting.

This just in time for the next stage of the big bike trip. Thailand, here I come!

🌏 ✨  🚵