“The Power of Slow”

Hey, world! I have an essay in the September 2016 print edition of Bicycling magazine about the power of slow cycling.

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You can read the essay online here: http://www.bicycling.com/rides/adventure/the-power-of-slow

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In listening, I give the whole of myself—my ears, my heart—to a storyteller. In cycling, I give the whole of myself—my body, my spirit—to a place. I move through the landscape and the landscape moves through me. Slowness has become part of my daily practice.

Check it out!





On the Texture of the Air

Tonight I read three poems to a room full of climate activists in Aotearoa.


Activism is hard work. It’s exhausting.

After listening to the poems, someone told me how re-energized she felt––poetry the counterpoint to a long day of planning direct actions for the coming year.

“I was exhausted ten minutes ago,” she said. “Now I feel lightness. What a difference.”

Poetry changes the air in a room. This much I know.

Over & over I’m reminded of the importance of art in our movements, the necessary breath.

There are as many ways to be an activist as there are people on this planet. There is value in standing with a cardboard sign in the streets. There is value in being loud––many voices speaking for a single cause. So much planning goes into a single march. I have deep respect for that work.

There is value, too, in sitting down in a silent room with a pen and a piece of paper, the quietness of writing, of meeting oneself on the page without knowing what will come next.

I move through both worlds in my activism. The one doesn’t exist for me without the other.

& there is always more to do.

Dancing at Kura Tāwhiti

Some places are full of the stories
of all the people
who have passed through here before.

Kura Tāwhiti is one of those places.


When I dance, I hear landscapes differently.

I dance to honor places.

Dancing is sacred to me.


Arohanui to Nicole for taking these photos, and for the adventure.

People’s Climate Movement

Hey world,

I’m riding my bicycle to the People’s Climate March in Christchurch, New Zealand on Nov. 28, 2015.


The Places I Have Listened: collecting stories at Monsavu Dam, Fiji / November 2014

Last September I attended the People’s Climate March in NYC among a crowd of 400,000 activists. I was a drop in that ocean.


yours truly with the epic organizer / magician Collin Rees (@collinrees) / NYC People’s Climate March / September 21, 2014


September 21, 2014: I was there. I marched. I listened. I recorded 3+ hours of stories from the people I met. I cried three times. I danced. I was silent and I was loud. I have never felt such powerful energy in my life.

Will you be attending a People’s Climate March this weekend? There are events kicking off all over the globe. Check out www.peoplesclimate.org to find an event near you. There’s a map of locations here: www.peoplesclimate.org/actions/map/ 


“Water is worth more than gold.” The People’s Climate March in NYC was electric.

Keep on keepin’ on. Your voice has value.

To change everything, we need everyone, everywhere.

Tell your story.


“No More Denial”

Over & out,
Devi on Wheels


Burn Your Maps

Hey beautiful people,

Life update:

The ocean has given me a gift

in the form of a zig-zag pattern

and I said yes.


gorgeous graffiti I saw inside a toilet block in Bateman’s Bay yesterday

I’m on my way back to New Zealand to live and to write for a while.

I’m going to write a book proposal.

Wish me luck.

I’m in Sydney now and soon to step on a cargo ship heading towards Aotearoa. I’ll be away from the internet Oct 24 – Nov 1 while at sea.


on the ferry to a friend’s home — the icon in all its glory

I will always remember Oct 2015 as the month I spent more time on the water than on land. Being on the water makes me happy.


aboard the SV Pelican

More soon,



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